The Mission

We are living in a time of severe disconnection from our personal identities, truths, and happiness. As a species, we have lost our way on this planet. Humans walk around dead & asleep, which is clearly evident in the current state of society.

We arrive on this planet as free creatures, who are then  put through rigorous conditioning from a very young age. This conditioning takes root within the physical and energetic body, and causes a whole host of problems in how we move through life as we mature.

One of the major concerns is how we are sexually relating to ourselves, others and life around us.

Sexual energy is the primary life force energy of the body and the planet. Disconnection from this energy in the form of shame, confusion, fear, trauma, or a simple lack of understanding, severely impacts our ability to truly live within our own power and happiness as individuals.

Men have disconnected from their masculine edge, and women have been pulled out of their hearts, learning to hate themselves.

Sexual relating, self-love, confidence, purpose, and overall bliss has been profoundly twisted into what we see before us. In the form of ´political correctness´ and a planet of ´tip-toe-ers´. Men and women are in a profound state of childishness.

The mission here,  is to assist women and men in clearing up their own mess, in reconnecting to their real, blissful, authentic selves, and breaking free from the constraints of social conditioning, so that they themselves can hold full accountability for their experience in life, and graduate into a powerful ownership and maturity over themselves and their lives. 


The Work

The Work

Understanding The Work.

The Life-Force Reconnection work is achieved via Chris´s energy-work practice. A deep understanding of many different styles of energetic traditions such as Acupuncture, Meridian Therapy, Qigong, reiki, and polarity are utilised, in order to work with the bodies Life-Force Energy. The session facilitates, connects to, opens, and re-circulates the powerful life-force energy within the body. This energy is incredibly powerful, healing, blissful, and nourishing for the body.

The reconnection work heals traumas, removes blockages, connects you to your deep intuition, releases conditioning, and brings you fully into your own power and pleasure as a human on this planet.

The experience during the session is like nothing you have ever experienced before, as you feel life rushing back into you.

 The session is conducted on a foundation of truth, as you are lovingly guided and supported through the experience of you. 

Most people have never really experienced themselves from such a raw place of expression, that more often than not, the individual is absolutely terrified of their own energy. This of course, is not a healthy way to reach ones full potential. Working through your own storm is of upmost importance. The sessions support all of this, and more.

The full body experiences that can be felt during the reconnection work, is profoundly healing and regenerating on a core level of the physical and energetic body, without touch ever needing to be applied. Although very precise contact is made with specific energy points on the body, in order to open the individuals system up to more energy.

The experience is real, overwhelming, beautiful, empowering, and very blissful. The building of energy is orgasmic on every level, which is an important point to make. Energy movement is the very definition of orgasmicness in the body & not what society perceives it to be.

Chris utilises his own energy, presence, consciousness and patience, in order to hold space for you during the experience, and is with you every step of the way, as you come back into life. 




To Live Orgasmically...

In a sexually strangled society, we no longer know what it means to live orgasmically.

In mainstream culture, we are so quick to judge orgasm as something seedy, dirty, secretive or even shameful. The word "orgasm" is a very large taboo, and is combined with a lack of crucial understanding into what orgasmicness truly is, and the richness it can bring to all of life.

Women relate to orgasm as the thing they sometimes have, that feels nice, and is associated directly with the physical friction that occurs with a partner, or self stimulation. Its not so much an orgasm, as it is a clitoral sneeze. It is over before it ever really begins.

Due to women´s own lack of understanding of how they truly work, the majority walk around on this planet heavily unsatisfied, stifled, and hardened. When in reality, the feminines natural energetic make-up is to be consistently orgasmic in all areas of life. Never reaching this place, robs her of her deepest power, and in turn she falls back to her masculine energy, and relies on that.

The true depth of your orgasmic potential is mind-blowing and life changing.

Men relate orgasm to the tiny dispersive sensation that occurs during ejaculation, which can leave him feeling drained, uninterested, and even depressed/anxious if indulged in too much. This comes from mans lack of understanding, of his role in sex, and in life.

Due to poor understanding, which is directly down to society, neither the woman, or the man, ever truly arrive at their power. This is evident everywhere we look.

Life-Force Sexual Energy has been used as a healing mechanism for many years in ancient traditions, who really came to understand our core foundations and needs as human beings.

Both sexes live a life starved of their true power and potential when it comes to relaxing back into a life of bliss, and nourishing energy. The truth is, orgasmic energy and sexual energy is our core energy on this planet. We are sex energy. Its how you are alive and upright.

Unfortunately, society focuses more on sexually shaming than celebrating. Your sexual energy, grants you creativity, motivation, happiness, and a deeper richness to the life you live.

As sexuality is further strangled, so is our ability to live a life of truth, pleasure, and purpose. The very nature of orgasmicness, is the free flowing movement of energy throughout the entire body, and your entire life. Orgasmic energy is the feeling that occurs, when we are present in our bodies, drinking ourselves in, fearlessly. Inviting life in, to move us with its innate intelligence.